Hello, my name is Graeme Davey and I thank you for taking the time to visit my web site.

The photos below have nothing to do with me apart from the fact that I find them pleasing and that either I took the photo or I was involved in the photo (Salty Dingo Photography took the photo at Port Stephens, I’m steering the yacht behind the spray).

I like to describe myself in either of two ways:
1 ~  A jack of all trades read more→
2 ~  A Marketing and Sales Professional with a Practical bent.

I can turn a hand to a number of things:
~  Coordinate the development of marketing campaign for a major brand – to – sell a can of soft drink at a local footy match.
~  Manage a team of people – to – pick up trash on clean up Australia day.
~  Change a spark plug in a car – to – change a hard drive in a computer.
~  Sail a yacht across the Tasman Sea – to – reverse parallel park a motor car.
~  For those that can remember I used to claim to be able to program a VCR without the user manual. Which brings back memories of the marketing battle between VHS and Beta, quite another story but full of lessons for a number of disciplines.